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IV vitamin therapy administers vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. This lets people get more nutrients to avoid the digestion process. Vitamin infusions have been proven to help in preventing illnesses, treat health conditions, and boost the body’s energy levels.

It is Effective and Fast

The majority of medications including vitamin supplements are taken orally; thus, they must go through the digestive system. This process is slow and contingent on the person having optimal digestion. Also, it limits the effects and access of the nutrients. Meanwhile, IV vitamin therapy ensures the vitamins are completely absorbed into the cells so the body will benefit from them right away.

It is Safe

Nurse Practitioners (APRN) who administer IV therapy maintain their license by doing regular continuing education. They are trained at the highest level and have deep knowledge and skill to evaluate their patients for candidacy and safely administer the therapies. It is quite rare that any, even minor adverse reactions occur with IV therapy. But, practitioners must discuss what to expect from the therapy with their patients.  

It is Preventative

Contemporary medicine often pivots around reacting to illnesses; however, has little to no use in terms of preventing them. But, IV vitamin therapy is different. As the body gets proper amounts of nutrients, it helps in treating disease by boosting the ability of the body to attain homeostasis. In addition, because of studies, people know that higher doses of some vitamins and minerals will have a healing effect in some situations. Dosing of Vitamin C for therapeutic purposes has been proven to be toxic to cancer cells. Also, vitamin C is essential for the body to build immunity.

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