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Digital X-rays

Some of the advantages of Digital X-rays versus Traditional x-rays include:


  • Time efficiency (we have instant x-ray downloads, instead of having to perform lengthy chemical processing and wait for film developing)

  • The ability to enhance images, therefore increasing the quality of the x-ray

  • Less radiation to the patient

  • The ability to digitally transfer your x-ray to another medical facility who may be requesting your records

  • The ability to burn your x-rays images to a CD ROM for you to keep


Patients can be examined, diagnosed, and treated all on the first visit. Whether it’s an auto accident, a slip, and fall, or chronic pain issues, a picture can say a thousand words. The ability to use diagnostic x-rays to help us diagnose your spinal misalignment, whiplash or other issues quickly will have you on the road to recovery that much faster.


A proper diagnosis, highest standards of care, & time and cost efficiency for our patients is our top priority here at Tampa Sports & Wellness Chiropractic. A visual exam of your spine gives us a great sense of what your overall spinal health looks like and how we can most successfully address your needs.


An x-ray will give the chiropractor a clearer view of your spinal health, especially after a car accident. Any abnormalities will be spotted. Your chiropractor will be able to make adjustments and provide treatment to any preceding issues that might have gone untreated. The spine is the most important part of your body, and an x-ray will allow the doctor to see if there are any complications that need to be fixed before any treatment is carried out for your main issue.

They can be a great visual representation of progress made from treatment. Being able to examine the alignment and motion of the spine is all part of the treatment process, and x-rays will help by being physical proof that all is working as it should be. They will also be great for before and after pictures to show treatment progress.

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