CRMA: Computed Radiographic Mensuration Analysis

Dear Defensive and Plaintiff Attorneys,

The CRMA report software correlates with the AMA Guidelines 4th Edition, 5th Edition (p. 378-79) and the 6th Edition (p. 578-79). The 6th Edition requires that objective evidence be utilized when evaluating permanent impairment. This software is designed to detect and evaluate ratable impairment established by the AMA Guidelines. Translational motion is measured by determining the anteroposterior motion greater than 3.5mm in the cervical spine, which is quantified on flexion/extension/neutral lateral radiographs. In addition, angular motion is analyzed which cannot be greater than an 11 degree difference between adjacent spinal segments in the cervical spine when quantified on flexion and/or extension radiographs. All regions of the spine are measured and documented with their specified parameters in the 4th, 5th and 6th edition of the AMA Guides. 

I invite you to enter into the realm of evidence-based objective documentation technology. The printed reports are self-explanatory and objectively validate the graphical geometry of spinal trauma. You will be able to provide evidence-based objective documents with 3 simple stress-view radiographs. This technology will forever remove the subjective opinions from the objective evidence. 

I would be happy to have a demonstration in my office or a power point presentation for case managers, attorneys, and peer reviewers at your office. 

Thank you for your inquiry,

Jeffrey Bourguignon, DC

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