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Chiropractic Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries

Did you know that in the state of Florida, you have only 14 days from the date of the accident to seek medical care for injuries from that auto accident? At Tampa Sports and Wellness Chiropractic, we treat the person, not the symptom. If you are experiencing muscle stiffness, back pain, neck pain, headache, or migraine, we will evaluate your condition to find the underlying injury that causes your discomfort.
Ultimately, it is our goal for you to leave our office after each visit a little healthier, a little stronger, and with less pain than you were when you walked through the door. We want to give your body the tools it needs to heal itself with as little medical intervention as possible.

Therapeutic Methods

Our methods include chiropractic manipulation of the spine and joints to encourage proper function. Chiropractic adjustments work most effectively when performed routinely as recommended by our chiropractor. Regardless of whether your injuries are isolated to minor subluxations, or complex and debilitating, our therapeutic approach to rehabilitation is designed to offer you relief as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Physical Therapy

Although often associated primarily with sports injuries, physical therapy is highly effective for treating car accident injuries. Our physical therapy exercises are designed for in-office and at-home use and can help facilitate healing and muscle recovery when performed together with chiropractic care.

Accepting Insurance Plans

In the state of Florida, your auto accident treatment is covered through your auto insurance plan. We accept all auto and motorcycle insurance plans.

Schedule an Appointment

If you live in or near Tampa, Florida and are suffering from symptoms stemming from an auto accident, do not hesitate to make an appointment today. Waiting for symptoms to progress could extend treatment time. Dr. Bourguignon, who is experienced in treating car accident injuries, will take care of you.