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Dr. Jeff Bourguignon
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Wellness Chiropractic

Tampa Sports and Wellness Chiropractic

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What Is Chiropractic Care?

Tampa Sports and Wellness Chiropractic specializes in providing chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic, a hands-on approach to health and wellness, is based on the human body, particularly the relationship between the skeletal and nervous systems.

Chiropractic manipulations or adjustments use controlled force, amplitude, leverage, and velocity directed at specific joints. These manipulations are designed to:

  • Block Pain Impulses and Increase Comfort Level
  • Identify Muscle Imbalance and Dysfunctional Movement Patterns 
  • Increase Range of Motion
  • Treat Mechanical Restrictions (Dysfunctional Joints)

Our company believes that care commences when you start to understand your desired health goals and expectations of us. To identify the key areas of your concern (including your possible dysfunctions and pathologies), we will review your health history. The initial consultation will not only assess your main complaint but your overall health as well. Contact us today in Tampa, Florida and get acquainted.